Master in Evangelism & Mission

Master in Evangelism & Mission 선교학 석사


The Master in Evangelism & Mission equip students to effectively spread the gospel in local community and to the nations. This degree offers a balanced blend of coursework that includes Old and New Testament, Spiritual Formation and Christian Theology, alongside specialty classes. Students will quickly gain the practical tools needed to minister in a variety of settings with a strong foundation for reaching the lost.

전도 및 선교 석사 과정은 학생들이 지역 사회와 열방에 효과적으로 복음을 전파할 수 있도록 준비시킵니다. 이 학위는 구약과 신약, 영성 형성, 기독교 신학을 포함한 균형 잡힌 교과 과정과 전문 수업을 제공합니다. 학생들은 다양한 환경에서 사역하는 데 필요한 실용적인 도구와 함께 잃어버린 자들에게 복음을 전할 수 있는 강력한 기초를 빠르게 습득할 수 있습니다


IC500 Master’s Degree in Mission and Evangelism  선교학 석사 36
IC501 Foundation of Christian Mission 3
IC502 Intercultural Communication 3
IC503 Church Planting and Growth 3
IC504 World Religions 3
IC505 Intercultural Leadership 3
IC506 History of Christian Mission 3
IC507 Biblical Basis of Evangelism 3
IC508 Cultural Anthropology 3
IC509 Practicum I 3
IC510 Practicum II 3
IC511 Crossover Evangelism 3
IC512 Evangelism through the book of Revelation 3
IC513 Missions Mentorship in Christian Education 3
Total 39


Program Director: Dr. Eun Moo Lee

Dean of Intercultural Studies

11575 Jones Bridge Rd. Johns Creek. GA 30022 or +1. (770) 500-0859