Master in Christian Counseling

Master in Christian Counseling

ACTS counseling degrees prepare students to counsel a variety of clients from diverse backgrounds. Designed to ensure students are academically prepared to meet the requirements for licensure. As a counselor, student will work with clients who are impacted by psychological, social, behavioral and emotional issues.  

The Master in Christian Counseling program offered through rigorous coursework, experiential learning, and mentoring relationships designed to equip students to become a culturally sensitive professional counselor. The program is built on a Christian framework that encompasses every aspect of the curriculum. Upon completion of the Master in Christian Counseling program curriculum, student will be prepared to take the National Counselor Exam, which is the clinical mental health licensure exam for the state of Georgia and many other states.

Program Distinctives

  • ACTS Master in Christian Counseling program, faculty, students and alumni have consistently been recognized by state and national counseling associations.
  • Counseling students are clinically prepared after completing their degree.
  • Students in ACTS Master in Counseling program consistently score higher than the national average on important exams, such as the National Counselor Exam (NCE).
  • Faith Informed Clinical Identity and Practice (FICIP) is integrated into all Master in Clinical Counseling coursework.
  • Develop a Christ-centered understanding of people, problems, and change.
  • Counsel with insight conformed to the authority of Scripture, not culture.
  • Walk alongside others recognizing our complex identity as saints, sufferers, and sinners. 

Counseling areas:

  • Dynamics of Biblical Change
  • Helping Relationships
  • Human Personality
  • Counseling in the Local Church
  • Everyday Problems in Counseling
  • Theology & Secular Psychology
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Counseling & Physiology
  • Psychological Disorders
  • Counseling Observation
  • Ethics in Biblical Counseling
  • Practicum Course
Semester Class Code Name of Course Credit
1 MCC 101 Christian Counseling & Dynamics of Biblical Change 3
1 MCC 102 Developmental Psychology 3
1 MCC 103 Mind Treatment and Counselling Theory 3
1 MCC 104 Counselling 3
2 MCC 201 Human Relationship and Conflict Counseling 3
2 MCC 202 Abnormal Psychology 3
2 MCC 203 Theories & Practice Adolescence Counseling 3
2 MCC 204 Counseling 2
3 MCC 301 Relationship Theory and Counseling 3
3 MCC 302 Theory of Personality 3
3 MCC 303 Mind Analysis and Treatment 3
3 MCC 304 Group Counseling 2
4 MCC 401 Family Counseling I 3
4 MCC 402 Family Counseling II 3
4 MCC 403 Treatment for Couple 3
4 MCC 404 Counseling Practice 2
5 MCC 501 Thesis 4
    Total 48